We can assist you with the legal services required for your property development whether you’re subdividing your own home to build and sell a townhouse or developing a multi-storey mixed-use tower.

How we can help

Perth Property Lawyers

We provide a broad range of legal services to assist with the acquisition, development and sale of land. It is also prudent to seek legal advice on using an appropriate structure to acquire and develop the target land to minimise potential transfer duty arising from unnecessary transfers during or after development between related entities – we can assist with this.


Our property development legal services include:

  • Drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts for the sale of land, including “off-the-plan” contracts

  • Preparing applications for subdivisions

  • Preparing applications for amalgamations

  • Preparing applications for strata title applications

  • Preparing strata management statements and strata rules

  • Lodging and removing easements on land

  • Drafting, reviewing and negotiating building contracts and management contracts

  • Advising and implementing on appropriate legal structures for your project

  • Setting up special purpose vehicles for the acquisition of the land

  • Structures to facilitate finance between funding parties and developing parties, e.g. setting up companies, unit trusts, loan agreements and mortgages

How can we help?

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