We can advise and represent you in relation to disputes over commercial contracts, construction and building disputes, contested wills and probate disputes and disputes within partnerships, companies and trusts, among other things.

How we can help

Dispute Resolution Perth

We always seek to resolve disputes outside of the Court system, however, litigation can sometimes be unavoidable and where this is the case, we can represent you in the Western Australian and Federal Courts as well as the State Administrative Tribunal.

We also advise and represent clients in relation to negotiating arrangements with creditors, including suppliers, landlords and financiers, to enable their businesses to trade through tough periods.


Some common dispute resolution matters include:

  • General commercial contract disputes

  • Debt recovery

  • Property and leasing disputes

  • Strata disputes

  • Building and construction disputes

  • Disputes between directors in a company

  • Disputes between shareholders

  • Disputes between trustees and beneficiaries

  • Misleading and deceptive conduct in trade or commerce

  • Challenges to probate

How can we help?

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