We assist property managers, commercial property owners, tenants and prospective tenants and landlords with advice, drafting and dispute resolution services in relation to commercial and retail shop leases, including appearing at the State Administrative Tribunal.

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Commercial And Retail Leasing Advice

We assist both tenants and landlords to prepare, review and negotiate their leases. Although it is common for landlords to engage lawyers to prepare a lease, tenants are less likely to seek legal advice on draft leases which can lead to costly disputes during the term of the lease. In our experience, lease reviews help mitigate a tenant’s potential lease liabilities, particularly in relation to onerous clauses relating to maintenance, make good and rental increases.

Services For Landlords:

  • Prepare both general commercial leases and leases for retail shops

  • Conduct legal due diligence on prospective tenants

  • Advise on assignments and extensions of leases

  • Help you recover unpaid rent and enforce the tenant’s other obligations under the lease

  • Advise on disputes over market rent reviews

  • Advise on end of lease obligations

Services For Tenants:

  • Review and negotiate the terms of a proposed lease

  • Conduct legal due diligence on the property, e.g. to ensure it can be used for the intended purpose

  • Advise on assignments and extensions of leases

  • Advise on disputes over rent and outgoings

  • Help you recover outstanding bond money and bank guarantees after the end of lease

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